How to Find the Perfect Lip Color For YOU!

How often have you gone to the makeup counter or Target and found yourself feeling lost, confused, and questioning this whole “makeup” thing? Then the nice lady at the counter starts talking undertones, consistencies, and matte vs. gloss…seriously! I used to feel like I needed an advanced degree in coloring to even begin to pick the right color.

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Then came Senegence®. LIpSense® totally changed the lipstick game for me with their smudge-proof, budge-proof, and long lasting power  (I can totally get behind a lip color that puts in the long hours just like me) but, I still struggled with choosing the right color.

So I did a little research, read all the how-to guides from my favorite beauty bibles and have come up with a simple way to make sure you’re picking the perfect color every time from nude all the way to the deepest and blackest black!


Know your what? I know, I know. This is daunting but this can help in many fields of beauty and fashion, so it’s great to know it! And it’s almost fool-proof – most people fall into two categories: warm or cool. If it’s super hard to determine your undertone after my tips below, there is a chance that you’re neutral (a mixture of both).

Cool Undertones:

If you have a pink, red, or bluish hue to your skin, you are a cool tone. You can tell your undertone is cool if the veins in your wrist look blue, silver jewelry complements your tone, or you tend to burn before you tan.

For your skin tone, lip colors with blue- or purple-shaded undertones look best. So when you go to choose a red lip, steer away from orangey shades and veer more toward deep-bluish reds. Be careful with shades that are too light, as they can wash you out.


Some of my favorites are:


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Warm Undertones:

If you have a yellow, golden, or olive hue to your skin, you likely have a warm undertone. You can tell your undertone is warm if the veins in your wrist look green, gold jewelry complements your skin, or you tend to tan or get bronze fairly easily.

For your skin tone, lip colors in warm shades will look best. So go for really red or orangey colors.


Some of my favorites are:


Determined that you’re neutral? You look good in both silver and gold jewelry, you rock a killer tan after your first summer burn, and your veins look blue-ish green – lipstick, for you, is a free for all!

Still confused?

Stick to the basics! Light skinned? You’ll positively glow in bold and deep colors that really contrast with your skin tone. Medium skinned? Pinks, nudes, and corals really pop! Or are you darker skin tone? Choose something like a vibrant berry, or any bold dark shade like Purple Reign. Lucky for you (and me) LipSense® colors are already marked warm or cool tone so you know right away what colors work best for your skin tone. You can start your shopping HERE.

Ultimately, your lip color is up to you. If you want to rock a bright pink lip but it doesn’t fall within the ‘rules’, who cares? Do you. You’re always going to feel the best in the choices that give you the most confidence. You’ve seen me rock everything from the nudest-nude to grey and everything in between!

What colors are you going to try?