Glam Holiday Makeup

It's officially the holiday season and Thanksgiving is a few days away. You've made the pilgrimage home (airports, yuck) OR your house is going to slowly be filling up with once-a-year relatives (you guessed it, you only see them once a year) and life is about to get a lot more hectic. 

Just because the holidays are hectic, doesn't mean your makeup look has to be! I'm showing you how to LOOK ultra-glam during the holidays without a ton of work. So no matter what you're doing: cooking, hanging with once-a-year relatives, or taking ugly sweater pictures, your makeup will impress!


MakeSense® Silk:

Bronze BlushSense:

Mocha Java ShadowSense:

Whisper Pink ShadowSense:

Shimmer Copper Rose ShadowSense:

Sandstone Pearl ShadowSense:

Garnet ShadowSense:

Smoked Topaz Shimmer ShadowSense:

Candlelight ShadowSense:

Dewy Foundation:

Café Au Lait Anti-Aging Foundation:

Light Concealer:

White Concealer:


Toasted Rose BlushSense:

Black LashSense:

Natural Translucid Powder:

Becca Moonstone:


Vixen Lashes: Vixen Lashes in 'GIGI'

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House of Lashes Lash Glue:

SocialEyes Lash Tweezers:

Curved Scissors:


Plum LipSense:

Glossy Gloss:


Real Techniques Expert Concealer Brush:

Real Techniques Stippling Brush:

Morphe E17:

Sigma E45:

Sigma E38:

Morphe E31:

Morphe M439:

Morphe B18:

Sigma F35:

Morphie Angled Brush: