ShadowSense® Creme to Powder with SenePlex® Complex is smudgeproof, waterproof, and foolproof! ShadowSense® has a crème to powder finish that gives you a smooth, satiny application - simple to blend or build to an opaque look that lasts all day! Click color to purchase.

The applicator in ShadowSense® has the same configuration as the LipSense® product allowing ease and control in the application. Apply ShadowSense® to the eyelid by stroking on the color with the applicator. You can easily blend ShadowSense® by lightly stroking the color over the lid with your fingertip once it is applied.

If a more detailed controlled coloration is desired, or you would like to contour a color, apply ShadowSense® with the product applicator, then disperse the color with a separate sponge, sponge tip applicator, or small make-up brush. The spectrum of shades can be worn separately, layered to accent, lighten, brighten, contour and highlight, or mixed to create an endless color spectrum of possibilities.