How I Premix LipSense® Colors

How many LipSense®, lip balms, chapsticks, lip tints, lip stains, and lipsticks do you own? No, really, go count them. I'll wait.

I'm going to take a wild guess and say that you have no less than 5 and if you really wanted to do a thorough search, you might even get up over 10 or 20. Pinks, plums, berries, browns, burgundies, nudes, reds — everything from white to black and in between usually gets purchased once or twice in our search for the perfect colors for us, right? That perfect nude lip (we aren't all the same color so 'nude' means a lot of different things), to that gorgeous made-just-for-you red lip shade.

So here's a little tip from me to you: before you go buying one more shade of red, any one of your LipSense® can be used together in a magical chocolate-and-peanut-butter kind of pairing. And I'm giving you my fool-proof method so buckle up LipSense® lovers, here’s how to up your LipSense® game with custom colors!

Prime The Canvas
First, make sure your lips are clean and dry - this is going to help with application and consistency.

Go For The Unexpected
Have you ever wondered if two brights go together? Now’s your chance to find out. You could mix an orange with a pink to create a beautiful coral lip or take a nude lip and add a pop of pink to make it a pinky nude. When it comes to your makeup, don't be afraid to be an artist!

Do A Test Run
Not sure about your master mixing skills? I always test on my skin! (I show you this in the video) and see if it's something I'll like before I commit. And if I don't love it? Toss or wipe out your ring and start again - these take 2-3 minutes MAX.

Anything Is Fair Game
See that BlushSense® over there? Use it to create a really monochromatic look!

Most of all? Just have fun! Tell me what your favorite custom mix is in the comments below!