I Shave My Face...and So Should You!

My name is Katie and I am a beauty addict, makeup junkie, and....oh yeah, I shave my face! I can't believe I'm admitting that to the internet but there it is. I stumbled across face shaving a few years ago, tried it myself, and have been hooked ever since. So take a look at the video above and then read the Q&A below to get all of your questions answered!

I'm sure you have questions (I did too!) So here are a few of the most common:

1. Does it hurt? 

No! It doesn't hurt and the regrowth doesn't hurt either. Seriously - this is like having the benefits of the spa without the drive or time away from home!

2. Does it grow back thicker and darker? Again, no! What you are feeling is the blunt shaved edge of the hair instead of a thin pointed end that’s the natural shape of a hair strand. Think of it as day-1 of a new haircut.

3. How often do you do this?
I shave my face once or twice a week - basically every 4-5 days. If I miss a day I don't sweat it. 

4. What are your preferred tools?
I love Tinkle Razors! These are less than $1 per razor and can be used more than once. But before I ever take a razor to my face, I wash thoroughly and apply Nangai Oil - This stuff is amazing and will make your hair removal so smooth!

5. What about a leg razor?
No way! Too hard to control and no one wants to lose an eyebrow!

6. Is there a certain technique I should use?
Watch my video above to get a good look at the specifics but pulling the skin taut and shaving down with the hair growth is optimal. This will reduce the chance of ingrown hairs - however, as you can see in the video, I shave up as well. I like to be super smooth and because I wash my face daily and use a consistent exfoliation routine, I don't really worry about ingrown hairs.

7. Any tips for after-care?
Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize. I prefer THESE but you can use any moisturizer. You've just taken hair and skin from your face (exfoliated) and returning moisture to the skin is key to a beautiful glow!

If you have more questions, comment below or send me a quick email! You can also follow me on Instagram or Youtube to get my latest tips and tricks!

And last, I'm not a doctor or an aesthetician. Make sure you're ver 18 and are careful with any razor you use on your face. These things are sharp and using with care is key!