All About LinerSense

LinerSense - one more name to remember in the makeup game but after today, it's the only name you should have to remember when it comes to lip liner!

Lining your lips keeps you from being that hot mess that has bleeding lipstick outside the lip line. Think of lip liner as the traffic cones in driving school - it shows you where to put the lipstick and makes it easy for you to "color in the lines".

As you know, LipSense is smudge-proof, feather-proof, bleed-proof...the list goes on and on. So why do you need a lip liner? 

1. The large, rounded end of the LipSense applicator (or any lipgloss or lipstick, for that matter) is a pain and can make it difficult to get a super clean line.

2. Lip Liner, while awesome for keeping lipstick in place, helps create the illusion of a larger or more defined lip. This is when makeup gets fun - when it helps you achieve a certain look without costly or painful permanent procedures. It allows you to play, be creative, and achieve versatile looks!

So check out my video where I break it all down and show you exactly how to wear one of my favorite products!

I'm wearing LinerSense in Neutral and LipSense in Fire N Ice


Persimmon LinerSense:

LipSense Colors I Recommend w/Persimmon:
Dawn Rising

Terra Cotta LinerSense:

LipSense Colors I Recommend w/Terra Cotta:
First Love
Caramel Latte

Cocoa LinerSense:

LipSense Colors I Recommend w/Cocoa:

Blu-Red LinerSense:

LipSense Colors I Recommend w/Blu-Red:
Fly Girl

Neutral LinerSense:

LipSense Colors I Recommend w/Neutral:
Fire N Ice

Berry LinerSense:

LipSense Colors I Recommend w/Berry:
Lexie Bear-y
Mulled Wine

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