Your Perfect Brow Every Time

Nothing pulls together a look like a perfect set of arches. Big, bushy, unruly brows are a thing again but none of us were prepared. We plucked, waxed, and threaded our brows into oblivion and now that we want them back, we commit to the painful “grow out” phase, as I quickly learned, plagued by holes, horizontally oriented follicles, and a whole lot of uncertainty. Looking “feral” is all well and good, until you just look like a disaster.

While real, true grow out can take a full year. You can see a huge difference in six to eight weeks, which is by far the hardest jump, but you just have to find things to maintain your brows while they look unruly. Things like filling in patchiness with a growth serum, (Senegence product LashExtend is my go to for this) or my favorite way, learn how to use a product like BrowSense which can give you that natural, filled-in look without making your brows look like you stamped them on!

I'm here to teach you everything I know about today's hottest brow trends, including super easy-to-follow tips on how to master them using BrowSense, Senegence's long-lasting, waterproof liquid brow color that uses a two-step delivery system for an application that won't melt or rub off.


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Now go out and get your brow game strong!