ShadowSense® VS EyeSense®

Eyeliner for me is like lipstick: I rarely leave home without some on and I always do it differently or try to mix it up. Let's be honest, where would the world be without eyeliner? Would Adele even be Adele without her winged liner? Would Kim Kardashian even have a “natural” makeup look to turn to without her not one, not two, but three eyeliners? It’s a sad, scary place to imagine. So today, I'm not telling you about one, but two of my favorite Senegence® products that will help you achieve any eyeliner look you want to rock!

Hopefully this allows you to step up your eyeliner game!

LASHES: Vixen Lashes: Purchase vixen lashes at and use the code: katie for 10% off

House of Lashes Lash Glue

SocialEyes Lash Tweezers

Curved Scissors

Sigma Brushes

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