How to Apply False Lashes

No matter if you’ve got a wedding, a hot date, or just a random night of eyelash-fluttering on the menu, anytime is a good time for falsies as far as I'm concerned. But I know getting glue near your eye can be intimidating!

Plus you always run the risk of giving yourself a third eyebrow...

If you've never been able to apply false lashes without having the lash bands lift up at the tear ducts and/or fall off before the end of the night, the video below will change your life! 


  1. Small scissors (thread clippers are the perfect size!)
  2. Lashes - get my favorites HERE
  3. Lash Glue - I'm in love with this brand HERE
  4. Tweezers - Did you know they make some specifically for false lashes? Click HERE
  5. Mascara - Need long-lasting all day wear? Click HERE